A Mining Incubator

We are an incubator - we find new opportunities (specialise), we add value, then partner with others to take the opportunity to the next stage (diversify). This gives our investors an elevator opportunity to get in on the ground floor (thrive).

We are not miners, we are explorers! We won't pretend the same people who can think laterally at the frontier of knowledge are the best people to take the project through its evolutionary cycle. We will partner with teams that have the skills to take the project to the next level, to harness the power of teamwork and maximise the upside. We envisage having multiple passive income streams from advanced projects or operational mines.

step outside of the square

Discoveries are made in the unknown. We don't rely on the previous team missing something big (usually obvious). We target frontier locations where we are effectively the first to look. Remember, those who made all the money in the gold rushes of old were people that took on the challenge of being first movers. Those that came afterwards, did not share the same success.

By focussing on frontiers, where we will have fewer competitors, we can secure large exploration projects in the right area. This allows us to focus on ‘how’ to find a deposit rather than worrying about ‘if’ we have the right ground or ‘if’ there is a deposit there.

Add value at low cost

By going to places where other have not, we can apply cost effective exploration methods that add significantly to the understanding (it's a bit like turning on a spotlight in the dark).

Being a first mover means we will generate massive amounts of data. To turn this information into knowledge, we will share our data through crowdsourcing competitions, data 'mining', and collaboration with academic and governmental institutions.

We plan to lay the strongest foundation possible to maximise the future value.


We will retain exposure to the upside in our projects by partnering with others. By retaining interest, it means that our interests are aligned with those of our partners. We may retain exposure to the upside through free-carried minority interests, shares, royalties, etc.

By partnering, we benefit from diversity of thought and an intensity of work beyond what is possible for a 'conventional' explorer. We can hold many large projects without having to choose a 'favourite', and importantly each child gets the attention and care as if it is the only one in the family.

We aim to mimic the fire-power of a major mining company while staying lean and agile like a junior.