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Our crowdfunding campaign has closed (next time eh?), but for posterity's sake below are our pitch video and funding explainer. 

proJECT videos

The South Margeries Dal prospect has an excellent coastal location, with easy access to a deep water fjord… just roll all the way down hill. FYI the drone operator is standing ontop of the known mineralisation.

A hot pickup from out North Margeries Dal tungsten prospect on Ymer Ø (Eleonore North licence).

Camp Nyhavn, the place oozes history. The setting isn’t bad either.

The Noa Dal copper prospect on Ymer Ø.

Flying from Nyhavn to South Margeries Dal on Ymer Ø.

Taking off from Karlene Headland in the Eleonore South licence. The sea fog was thick that day, but get above it and geez, what a view!