Jon holding the plans, Mat keeping an eye over things with his binoculars, and Lindsay with his rope to pull us out of crevasses.

Jon holding the plans, Mat keeping an eye over things with his binoculars, and Lindsay with his rope to pull us out of crevasses.

Good exploration thrives on creative thinking - having fun boosts creativity - here we have a bit of fun with our photo shoot, as no one wants to see yet another suit, right?

In keeping with the incubator concept, we know our limits and when to pull in other experts. A big shout out to Matt and Tash from the Photography Project, who turned our photo shoot  concept into reality.

Jonathan Bell - Managing Director

Dr Jon, our entrepreneurial founder, is a 'Xennial' explorationist who combines degrees in geology, economics and engineering, with a dash of knowledge in psychology, finance, forecasting and crystal ball gazing. Check out his LinkedIn profile for the cut and dried stuff.

Jon does the right thing wherever he can, and has been a long-term sponsor of a student bursary, a mentor, and is an avid supporter of employing people with disabilities.

Jon also has a long history of volunteering. He has served as director for the Australian Institute of Geoscientists and was the ex-officio representative on the JORC Committee. Jon still sits on the executive committee that oversees the VALMIN Code, and has represented that group on an international basis.

In what is left of his spare time, Jon loves to spend time with his kids, mountain bike, climb, surf, scuba-dive, or generally anything that involves adrenaline and the great outdoors. Adventure courses through his blood.

Mathew Longworth - Chairperson

Mat is a 'Gen-X' corporate geologist with over 30 years experience in exploration, mining and management. Mat has led exploration, development and consulting teams on projects in Australia and internationally. Mat has battle hardened experience at a senior level with a number of ASX listed companies and more recently, CEO and director roles with Metalicity Ltd and Echo Resources Ltd. Mat's experience provides the board with wise oversight. Here is Mat's LinkedIn profile.

When away from the boardroom, Mat likes to spend time on his farm. The farm is chemical-free and the animals are raised in free-range conditions (that have won accolades in the media). On weekends, you may come across Mat as the down-to-earth farmer selling his produce at artisan markets. 

Lindsay Dick - Non-Executive Director

Lindsay is a 'millennial' corporate lawyer with a love for the unconventional and progressive. He has experience in structured banking and finance with emphasis on novel fundraising solutions. Lindsay is actively involved in the Australian startup scene, and serves as General Counsel for Power Ledger, which has recently been shortlisted for Richard Branson's Extreme Tech Challenge! As the millennial on our board, he adds diversity of thought and brings fresh thinking to the table. You can read more about Lindsay's professional credentials on his LinkedIn profile.

As a lawyer with a heart, Lindsay volunteers as a foster carer at a dog refuge. When he isn't caring for rescue dogs, or helping startup companies (you could argue there is little difference between the two), Lindsay loves to spend his time travelling, skiing, and playing the drums.

ahmad 3.jpg

Ahmad Saleem - In-house advisor

Ahmad is a millennial explorer who specialises in big picture thinking. We don't have a 'theme' picture of Ahmad as he was too busy trekking through Japan when we had our photo shoot. Thanks to his solid background with big companies, he is experienced in frontier exploration, including knowledge from trekking in southern Greenland!

Does Ahmad sound familiar? If so, you may have heard his voice as co-host of the Exploration Radio podcast. If you've not already listened to the podcast, we recommend you do - it gives fascinating insight into adventures of the past and present explorers that love wandering the remote parts of our planet.

Given his big-picture thinking, love of the outdoors and commitment to sharing knowledge, Ahmad is an excellent fit with our corporate culture. We are excited to give him the opportunity to unlock his potential under the Greenfields banner.

Dr Jon Hronsky - external guru

Jon is an international authority on exploration targeting, and we think of him as the Stephen Hawking of exploration (we're not kidding). Jon was the global geoscience leader for WMC Resources before it was acquired by BHP, for which he subsequently became the manager of strategy and generative services - its hard to get a bigger mandate than that!

Since 2008, Jon's run the successful consultancy, Western Mining Services whose clients include pretty much every big-name that you can think of. In addition, Jon is the chairman of the internationally regarded Centre for Exploration Targeting, which is a joint-venture between the University of Western Australia and Curtin University. Jon acted as an invaluable sanity-check when we first identified our main project in eastern Greenland. We consider ourselves lucky to be able to benefit from this guru's wisdom, and lucky that we don't have to trek to the top of a misty mountain to consult him!

Dr Oliver Kreuzer - independent Expert

We think Oli is a rising star. We say this because, amongst other things, he has a track record of winning prizes in prestigious geological crowd sourcing competitions. Back it up I hear you say? -  here's the link.  

Having started his career as an academic, including at the Centre for Exploration Targeting, he has made a successful transition into commercial life. Oli has worked as a generative geologist whose work includes the analyses of entire continents. What is awesome about Oli is not only that he is smart gentleman, but we shares a kindred entrepreneurial spirit. Oli and his colleagues put together Cygnus Gold Ltd, whose foundation asset was identified by applying fresh thinking on a part of Western Australian goldfields that was largely overlooked. It doesn't stop there - Oli is busy putting together other exciting exploration companies like Thunderbird Metals.

We like Oli's enterprising style, love his squeaky clean ethics, and admire his work - which is why we chose him, via X-plore GeoConsulting,  as our independent geologist to review and verify our technical assessment.